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All Of The Many Columbia, SC Janitorial Services Are Critical And Must Work Together

Your commercial building gets dirty every day and you must identify, not only what company is available, willing and knowledgeable in all areas in which you need help, but also, specifically what areas you need that help in. That is what we, as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable Columbia, SC janitorial services firms in the area can provide to you.

A look at some of those many services may help you understand where we can assist in making your building a clean, safe and, much more importantly, healthy place in which to work.

Trash removal is, of course, only the beginning of the services you need provided. That goes for the recyclable bins, also. We can help design a flexible program to handle these waste streams that follow all of the local regulations and site specific policies. What you will see, or rather, not see, while we are cleaning, is all of the debris that just does not seem to get into either container and ends up in the floor. We know that that particular task is not done until all of those little pieces of trash or paper are picked up.

Our trained cleaners know that restrooms are not cleaned until the smell is gone, not just the visible contamination and smudges. The training our personnel go through involve the principles of cleaning and also the very exacting science of sanitation. That means, that with us as your provider of Columbia, SC janitorial services, we are not afraid of moving things and cleaning behind and under those items that have a tendency of hiding things that do not belong there.

This is especially important in kitchens, break rooms and even lobbies, one of the first areas that are first impression sensitive. Glass, mirrors, bright work, in restrooms and coffee services, in conference rooms, display areas and break rooms all need to be gleaming and healthy looking and we work hard on all of the many little things to ensure everyone is welcome to your place of business.


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