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Carpet Cleaning in Columbia, SC







There are a number of reasons why a professional Carpet Cleaning in Columbia, SC should be a regular part of your home floor care routine.


Did you know...?


• Common household cleaning products are the most common cause of stubborn stains and carpet discoloration?

• Household cleaning appliances, such as suck vacuums, are designed to only remove surface dirt and debris? They just simply aren't designed to clean from deep within the carpet fibers where allergens, such as dirt, mites, and pet dander are found.

• Improperly cleaned carpet can affect the air quality in your home and be the source of underlying bad smells that you've gone nose blind to? Individuals who are sensitive or prone to respiratory ailments are the most effected by dirt and allergens. These allergens are left behind by suck vacuums yet continue to be released into the air where they can exasperate health concerns.


When you hire a professional Carpet Cleaning in Columbia, SC company like ours to thoroughly clean the carpeting throughout your home, you can rest assured that we'll handle the job quickly, leaving you with carpeting that is vibrant and like new. In addition to that great clean appearance, devoid of stains and discoloration, you can also rest easy knowing that our professional cleaning methods, perfectly suited to the exact type of carpeting you have, will leave your carpeting cleaner than you ever thought possible!


The secret lays in our powerful hot water extraction. Our equipment sends a gentle stream of hot water deep within your carpeting where the combination of heat and water causes a natural reaction with the dirt and debris found there. Just as quickly as the hot water penetrates your carpeting, it is sucked back up -effectively removing all traces of dirt, food particles, mites, and pet dander. And thanks to our targeted cleaning products, you'll finally be free of those stubborn stains and odors once and for all!

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