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 Do you vacuum your carpet regularly? Did you know that even with vacuuming regularly your carpets still hold dirt and allergens? If you have allergies the dust and allergens that your carpet holds can increase the severity of your allergies. The location of your house can also make a difference in the amount of dust in your carpet. If you live close to a dirt road or maybe your yard is dirt. These can factor into the dust in your carpet even if you vacuum daily. Maybe you heat your house with a wood burning stove. The ash from the stove can get into your carpet along with little pieces of wood shavings.

 Do you have stains in your carpet? If you have kids or grand kids, you know all too well about the messes they make. Even if you try to enforce the rule of food and drinks in the kitchen only there are still those instances where the "forget".

 If you answered yes to any of these or feel you fall into any of these categories, then you may want to consider having your Carpets Cleaner in Columbia, SC. There are different methods to having your carpet cleaned. Below you will see some methods that can reduce the dust and allergens and get rid of the deep set in stains.

 Having your carpet steam cleaned is one option. Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction in done by using equipment that sprays hot water on the floor and then uses suction to pull it back out. This method dislodges stuck in dirt and breaks down stains allowing the machine to pull it out of the carpet.

 Dry cleaning is also an option. This method uses machines that require very little moisture and rely mostly on dry compounds. Heavy soiled areas may still require preconditioning procedures.

 Get your Carpets Cleaner in Columbia, SC today and live a happier and healthier life!

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