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Most Janitorial Cleaning Services In Spartanburg, SC Offer Cleaning; We Offer Attention To Your Needs

You can call on just about custodial cleaning company to come in and clean your building. They will empty your trash cans and make sure your recycling bins are dumped. Our trained professionals will make sure that the trash that has fallen out of the cans is picked up. A regular cleaning firm will come in and swipe at the dust in the offices and cubicles, whereas we pride ourselves on the deliberate, attention to detail, not just on the tops of the desks, but also on the window, door and picture frames. A true janitorial cleaning services Spartanburg, SC firm, such as ours, takes the time needed to do it right.

Any company can clean a restroom, but we will design a cleaning program, following a nine step cleaning process to ensure clean, safe and healthy rooms that will not allow germs, bacteria and allergens to be passed from one day to the next. We accomplish this in a programed way that begins all cleaning at the top and proceeds down through all vents, fixtures, counters, mirrors, sinks, faucets and floor.

While one crew is working on those items, a kitchen and break room crew is cleaning and sanitizing these spaces. All counters, trash cans, tables, chairs as well as any food preparation areas are cleaned and sanitize, as appropriate. The microwave and refrigerators are cleaned off and cleaned out in a scheduled way. Coffee services are cleaned and polished and stocked if that is needed and napkins are placed in appropriate dispensers.

The break rooms are a place where your employees and visitors meet and discuss business in an informal way. The many germs that can set there, waiting for someone to infect, must be removed, using the science of sanitation all crew members have been trained in. The outside break areas, because they are often used for smoking employees, must have different processes used that may entail a pressure washer on occasion. A true janitorial cleaning services Spartanburg, SC company is ready for anything.


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