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People, such as your employees, visitors, invited guests and normal walk-ins to your commercial building have a tendency to make your facility dirty. That does not mean they are being mean or trying to get the pace dirty, it just happens. The trash cans fill up and the recycling bins get full and, occasionally, overflow. Your building and grounds, such as the parking lot and sidewalks, out front get messy and there really is only one way to get it cleaned up and ready for the next day. That is to hire a company, just like us, who can provide the Columbia, SC commercial cleaning services that are needed.

There are many different and very specific areas and spaces that you have and all of them will have to be cleaned in very specific ways. The offices, cubicles, hallways and all lobbies must be treated as if they are some of the most important spaces in the building. There are other areas, such as manufacturing, warehousing and assembly spaces that take very different attentions to detail. The main thing is that, with us, those are also very important spaces.

A balanced commercial cleaning program will be designed for your building or entire campus. This carefully considered plan will include offices, kitchens, restrooms, break areas, display and conference rooms as well as those lobbies that are the main first impression areas. The cleaners we assign to your facility will be trained, insured and bonded to assure you the peace of mind that you need to have as our Columbia, SC commercial cleaning team works through the evening.

Whether you need the interior, exterior, both, or both and the grounds, including yards, walkways, benches and statuary, we have the crew, the equipment and the experience that will ensure a complete, issue free job is accomplished.


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