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Our Columbia, SC Commercial Office Cleaning Services Means More Than Offices Are Cleaned And Healthy

 Commercial office buildings require one of the activities to happen, each and every day, that make them dirty. That is they have people come in and out most of that day. People throw things in the trash containers and use the restrooms. Employees use all of the break areas and lunchrooms and fill up the recycling bins. You have noticed this and you also know that employees, left to keep their own areas clean, do not always have the time available. That is a good reason to hire a Columbia, SC Commercial Office Cleaning firm, such as ours to handle all of this for you.

Offices and the cubicles surrounding them have many surfaces that must be dusted. All of the horizontal surfaces of desks, shelving, tables, credenzas and cabinets will be dusted by our professional crew, on a regular schedule. The cleaning of desks will be done to eliminate food or drink spills. Trash is removed and recyclables are dealt with in approved ways to eliminate either from contaminating any surrounding areas. All floors will be swept, mopped or vacuumed, nightly.

The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized, thoroughly. Toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors and all bright work will be cleaned, sanitized and buffed to a high shine. Paper and soap dispensers will also be cleaned and stocked so plenty of material is available for the convenience of your personnel.

Our team of professional Columbia, SC Commercial Office Cleaning technicians will follow the plan, devised by you and our supervisor assigned to your property to make sure you are more than satisfied, just like all of the many other companies we clean each night. Every team is assigned a supervisor who will report to you on a regular basis to ensure your input is recognized and followed exactingly.


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