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Three Steps for a Proper Carpet Cleaning In Anderson, SC

Carpet cleaners can be rented for personal use. While these work well enough to get the floor somewhat clean, many are not capable of handling set-in stains and getting the carpet as clean as possible. Our commercial cleaning business can handle any carpet cleaning needs, and ensure the floor is left clean and stain-free. There are three steps for a proper carpet cleaning in Anderson, SC that our workers follow.

Vacuum the Floor

Before the carpet can be washed, it needs to be vacuumed. This is to remove basic dirt and grime that is left atop the carpet. Anything deeper will be eliminated by the cleaning equipment.

Get the Floor Cleaner Ready

A cleaning machine is not ready to go immediately. Instead, it needs to be properly prepped in order to work correctly. Most cleaners need to be filled with hot water, which helps get the floor as clean as possible. There is also a compartment for a cleaning solution, which helps soak up even more dirt.

Go Over the Carpets Carefully

The cleaning process needs to be done carefully. The job will not be done correctly if our cleaners go quickly over the carpets. Rather, the process needs to be done slowly to ensure each portion of the carpet has the water run over it and sucked back up to clean the area.

Once the entire process has been completed, the carpets will be left in better condition than when our team came in. Any tough-to-reach set-in stains will be eliminated, and the carpets will be left looking like new. Our carpet cleaning Anderson, SC team is capable of handling any type of carpet, no matter how badly stained it may be.

Three Steps for a Proper Carpet Cleaning In Anderson, SC


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