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To Be Our Anderson, SC Professional Commercial Cleaning Technician, Our Personnel Must Be

We always talk about what we, as a company, can do for the cleanliness, safety and health of your commercial building. Quite often we talk about the cleaning professionals we hire, train and support. Their performance of all of the cleaning tasks, within and outside of your building is what makes all of our promises possible. Let’s take look at these Anderson, SC professional commercial cleaning technicians and what they go through to become your most reliable workers.

First, you will need to know they bring their own experiences with them as they are back-ground checked, drug tested and asked a battery of questions to identify what they know, what they have done and where they have done it. Then the training begins. It will help you to know they have been completely trained before they show up to your location. They are also insured and bonded to give you the peace of mind you need to let them be there while you are at home, hopefully sleeping.

Training consists of the four principles of cleaning that was developed many years ago and are still the best way to design any process. This is combined with the very exacting science of sanitation. What helps both of these sets of guidelines is the green cleaning solutions we use. Whether it is a hard surface cleaner, a carpeting cleanser or a disinfectant, we help you protect the environment by using these solutions and the techniques that make them work better than many other, harsher, chemicals.

Armed with state of the art equipment, supplies, green chemistry and tools that are specifically designed for the important work they do, our Anderson, SC professional commercial cleaning personnel go to work. They often find challenges that require some flexibility, ingenuity and some imagination, but that is what they signed up for when they entered our industry.


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