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There are any number of things that make a mess in your commercial building. A good portion of the time, it is simply people, your employees being some of them, throwing trash away in the appropriate container. The recycling is another non malicious action that can create a disorderly look. There are also the restrooms that can get dirty as well as the kitchens and all of that glass. Those are all good reasons for a Janitorial Cleaning Services Columbia, SC company, such as us, to come in each night.

We have the trained personnel to take care of any and all of the many things that need to be cleaned, disinfected, polished and maintained. The first of these, of course, is the dusting of everything. Offices get dusty and all horizontal surfaces get the worst of it. The tops of partitions are also on that list of surfaces that many people seem to forget about.

The restrooms have many surfaces that can carry germs and bacteria and all of these organisms, as well as many more, can be passed on if not disinfected properly and with the appropriate frequency. Kitchens, likewise, can have a build up of food and drink spills that carry their own issues. A thorough cleaning and the use of green certified sanitizing agents, by our expert cleaners, will ensure the safe and healthy spaces you need to provide to your people.

Construction clean up is something that not all Janitorial Cleaning Services Columbia, SC firms offer. We go the extra mile in our efforts to be your one stop custodial company. Our basic as well as punch list processes ensure we stay caught up with any remodeling or renovations going on. Our team of specialists ensure nothing is left dirty and or dangerous as many construction sites can become.


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